Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blacks Engage in "Casket Crusade" in Three Ohio Cities to Convince... Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

Uhh... Black Lives Matter? [Hundreds march in Akron's 'Casket Crusade',, July 16, 2017]:
Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Akron Saturday in the first of three "Casket Crusades," an event meant to highlight the amount of community deaths due to violence and drug abuse.
The event saw those involved march through some of the hardest-hit areas of Akron, carrying empty caskets as a symbol of those lost. Later, when the march ended at Joy Park, the caskets were opened to reveal mirrors, allowing people to see their own reflection. 
Dr. R.A. Vernon of The Word Church organized the event and spoke toward its end. Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan was also in attendance. 
The second Casket Crusade will take place July 22 in East Cleveland, and the third and final one will take place July 29 in Cleveland's Public Square.
Outside of war, have white people ever done this?

Such is the reality of everyday life for blacks in America, in peacetime.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

His Name is Josh Walton: One of Three White Males Targeted in 2016 Racial Attack by Black Criminal in 65% Black Memphis Dies From His Injuries

Previously on SBPDL: 93% of gunshot victims who are transported to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in 65% black Memphis are Africans in America

Last year, something extremely strange happened in 65 percent black Memphis. A black guy went on a shooting rampage, targeting three people in the attack before being pursued by a police in a stolen car. 
Al Sakan (left) and Josh Walton, were shot by a black career criminal in 65% black Memphis in June of 2016. Walton died of his injuries

It was in this pursuit career criminal Justin Welch struck and killed a black police officer, which became a national story. [Memphis police officer, a father of three, killed after three people shot downtown,, June 5, 2016]:

But it's who he targeted before the fatal encounter with the black police officer that has been completely covered-up, until news broke today one of the people Welch shot has died from injuries he sustained that day. [Man shot in downtown Memphis rampage dies a year later, Memphis Commercial Appeal, July 25, 2017]

Josh Walton, who was injured last summer in a shooting rampage outside a downtown Memphis restaurant, has died and his funeral will be Thursday. 
Walton, 40, died last Friday at the Regional Medical Center after he was shot last summer.
On June 4, 2016, Walton was with family outside of Westy's on North Main Street when police said he was shot in the neck by suspect Justin Welch.
Police said Welch also shot Al Sakan, a long-time customer at the restaurant. The suspect is accused of also shooting Chris Dickens at Bass Pro Shops and then fleeing in a stolen car that struck and killed Memphis police officer Verdell Smith.
Welch remains in jail on several charges including first-degree murder in the death of Officer Smith.
Memphis police spokesman Louis Brownlee said police are awaiting on the Shelby County Medical Examiner's Office to rule on a cause of death for Walton.

Josh Walton was a white male dining with his family on June 4 in 65% black Memphis when Justin Welch opened fire on him, also striking Al Sakan (a Syrian migrant). Walton was dining with his wife and three daughters when Welch "walked up, cursed at the group and pulled out a gun."

Why don't we know what Welch yelled at Walton and his family before he opened fire on him? Don't any journalists in Memphis care to figure out the motive behind the attack on a random white male and a Syrian male who probably looked like a white male to Welch? 
Christopher Dickens was also targeted by Justin Welch, the black career criminal who shot two other white males in Memphis on June 4, 2016, before he would kill a black police in car crash. The death of the black police officer overshadowed the prior targeting of three white males

But it gets more interesting. Welch when then go to the Bass Pro Shop occupying the Memphis Pyramid and target one person: a white male, Christopher Dickens. [Bass Pro shooting victim is ‘thankful’ to be alive,, June 6, 2016]:
WREG learned more information about the three men who were shot moments before Officer Verdell Smith was hit and killed. 
Two shooting victims are in critical condition, and another is recovering at home.21-year-old Christopher Dickens, who is an employee at the Bass Pro Pyramid, spoke to WREG about the terrifying night. 
"We were like 'is this really happening?' It kind of wasn't real you know," Dickens said. "Did I really just get shot?" 
Dickens is still waking up from a nightmare. 
"Before I could think of anything really, he just rolls his window down," Dickens said. 
The Bass Pro Pyramid employee said he was bringing in baskets from the parking lot when Justin Welch pointed a gun and pulled the trigger. 
"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," Dickens described the gunshots. 
Chris was hit in the leg and arm. 
"A pretty big one. An explosion. Like half -- a chunk of my flesh was gone," Dickens described. 
Chis, who has worked at Bass Pro's Pyramid location since it opened, had cuts and scrapes on his body. 
"This is just like a graze wound or something," he showed WREG the injuries. 
Dickens' phone stopped another bullet from hitting his side. 
"I could have bled out even worse if, you know, that had not happened," he explained. 
Chris was one of three shooting victims Saturday night. 
"When I hear about the cop, and I hear about them, I'm thankful for what I came out with," Dickens said. 
Friends created a circle of support around Joshua Walton as he laid in his hospital bed. 
He and Al Sakan were shot outside of Westy's in the Pinch District. 
Sakan moved to the United States of America from war-torn Syria only to be caught in the middle of gunfire on the streets of Memphis. 
"I didn't expect to get shot that night," Dickens told WREG. "I didn't expect anything like that. You know?"
Looking at pictures of Al Sakan, he looks like an elderly white male. Chris Dickens and Josh Walton are also white males, who both seemingly targeted by a deranged black shooter in 65% black Memphis on June 4, 2016. A year latter, Walton is just another murder statistic in Memphis, a city completely overwhelmed by black violence.

But he's an anomaly: few white people are brought to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in Memphis with gunshot wounds. 

Justin Welch, a black career criminal, shot three people in Memphis and then killed a cop when he crashed the stolen car he was driving. 

Roughly, this is what national news media reported, leaving out three white males were targeted by a black shooter in a city that is 65% black. 

It's so obvious this was a racial attack upon whites in Memphis by a black male, only censored by the fortuitous actions of this same black male killing a cop when he was on the run from police. 

What are the odds of three white males randomly being targeted in 65% black Memphis? 

Folks, welcome to Black-Run America (BRA), where an obvious racial attack is completely covered-up by the Memphis media. The corporate media exist to protect blacks from stereotypes criminal statistics obviously confirm. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Philadelphia Police Data Confirms: 96.6% of Nonfatal Gun Violence in 2016 Committed by Nonwhites

For the past few years, SBPDL has been one of the few sites (and the originator) of publicizing the data the Philadelphia Police Department makes available for all to see that so few dare view... strangely, the Philadelphia Inquirer and local news networks in Philly only showcase information pertaining to racial information of the murder victims.

This leaves an incomplete picture of homicide, because it's vital to know who is collectively responsible for perpetrating the homicides in a city if you want to pass legislation actually making the city safer for productive citizens and long-term growth/viability. 

Well, our friends in Philadelphia just recently released the 2016 data (though they left out, curiously, the data for homicide suspects by race). 

According to the 2010 US Census, blacks are 43 percent of the population of Philadelphia, while whites make up roughly 36 percent of the population. "Hispanics" (Amerindians) make up roughly 12 percent of the population.

The one beautiful fact of the Philadelphia Police Department data is they break out the racial stats of both victim and suspect for homicides and nonfatal shootings without lumping Amerindians in with whites.

Let's get to the numbers!

There were 277 homicides in Philadelphia in 2016:

  • 78.3 percent of the victims were black
  • 14.4 percent of the victims were Hispanic 
  • 6 percent of the victims were white
There were 1,279 nonfatal shooting victims in Philadelphia in 2016: 
  • 82.2 percent of the victims were black
  • 12.3 percent of the victims were Hispanic
  • 4 percent of the victims were white
Curiously, this year's version leaves out the race of the suspects for 2016 homicides in Philadelphia. Here's the data for 2015 Philadelphia. Here's the data broken down for 2014

Of known suspects, the race of the offenders in the 2015 nonfatal shootings in Philadelphia (representing only 333 of the 1279 cases): 
  • 80.3 percent of the suspects were black
  • 15.2 percent of the suspects were Hispanic
  • 3 percent of the suspects were white
To summarize: 96.6 percent of known nonfatal shooting suspects/offenders in 2016 Philadelphia were non-white (the number would be higher if the black community would "snitch"). Roughly 74 percent of nonfatal shooting cases in Philadelphia went unsolved in 2016

The "no snitching" culture runs deep in black/brown Philadelphia, keeping violent black/brown people on the streets to prey on the law-abiding and artificially keep down the already high black/brown crime rates as identified by yearly released Philadelphia Police Department Murder/Shooting Analysis (because almost all of the white crime is domestic disputes easily solved - whose offender is not protected by community members - by detectives). 

Gun crime has a color. It isn't white. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

In 88% White Kentucky, Mayors of Louisville and Lexington Unite to Try and Convince Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

An 88 percent white state. 

Kentucky is perhaps the most beautiful state in the country. 

An 8 percent black state. 
In 88 percent white/8 percent black Kentucky, the black population is committing almost all of the violent crime...

Kentucky, though it is perhaps the most beautiful state in the country, has a black crime problem. 

In 22 percent black Louisville and in 14 percent black Lexington. [More guns, younger victims: Lexington murders hit 15-year high,, January 3, 2017]

So what do you do when black people, a mere 8 percent of the population of state, are perpetrators of virtually all the violent crime in 88 percent white Kentucky?

Pretend black males are the great asset in Kentucky. [Program aims to help violence-impacted young black men in Kentucky’s 2 largest cities,, July 21, 2017]:
 In an effort to curb violence in Kentucky's two largest cities, young African-American men already set back by community violence will be part of a pilot program designed to “create more pathways for success.” 
The mayors of Louisville and Lexington announced on Thursday a $5 million grant over three years from the William R. Kenan, Jr., Charitable Trust. The award will be coordinated by Cities United and aimed at young men between the ages of 16 to 25 who have been impacted by community violence. 
“There is an urgent need to create more pathways for success for young men of color in Louisville and Lexington,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.  “There are particular challenges black Americans face as a result of the history of our country … a history of exclusion.” 
Fischer chooses to look forward.  “We can’t be responsible for our history, but we can be responsible for today and for the future.” 
Twenty young men in each city will be chosen for fellowships each year, according to Cities United.  They will include opportunities for education, jobs and careers, combined with leadership development and mentoring support and be provided with housing and a monetary stipend. 
“Sometimes, all a young person needs is someone to provide a little help, a little re-direction and guidance,” said Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, who thanked the Trust and Cities United on the campus of Kentucky State University.  ”Thanks to them, help is on the way.” 
He called it a great day for both cities.  “We can’t afford to lose the unlimited potential of our young black men,” Gray said. “We need their contributions to our economy, to our community and to families.  That’s why the funding we’re announcing today is so important.” 
Both Louisville and Lexington have seen a huge spike in homicides this year, many of which have young people as the perpetrator, victim, or both.  This is the latest effort by officials to reduce that number. 
The first fellowship class will begin in July, 2018.  Between now and then, non-profit agencies in both cities will choose the participants in this pilot program, according to Cities United Executive Director Anthony Smith.  
“The closest thing to it is a program underway in Richmond, California,” Smith said.  “There has been a reduction in shootings and homicides over the last three years.” 
Smith said the hope is to expand the Louisville and Lexington models to other cities across the country.
Our founding fathers, and most white people in positions of power prior to World War II, considered the black population inhabiting the USA our greatest liability; since the end of WWII, the state (not to mention corporate America, Hollywood, and academia) has mandated - virtually at the point of the bayonet - we believe the black population in the USA is our greatest asset.

As you can see in Kentucky, an 88 percent white state - whose 8 percent black population is responsible for virtually all violent crime committed in the commonwealth - this state-mandated belief in black supremacy will literally kill western civilization.



We are forced to believe blacks are our greatest asset (burdened with a "history of exclusion"... because white people long ago realized the burden they represented that has somehow been retconned into unlimited, untapped potential), so lets completely abandon all other goals and aspirations, dedicating all  our resources into uplifting a demographic responsible for dragging down the quality in Kentucky's two most important cities.
WDRB 41 Louisville News